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How Do I Know If I Have Fire Ants? If your home or yard is plagued with these invading insects, the first step to getting the problem under control is identifying the unique varieties of ant. A pest control technician will inspect inside and outside of your home to locate all areas of ants. Prize Pest Control: We are available 24 Hours call Dallas 214-447-0016 Learn More - The Two-Step Method Fire Ant Control - NASD

What Should I Do If I See Fire Ants? Our pest control technician may recommend sealing any gaps and crevices in order to prevent ants from invading your home, and he will also recommend any preventive measures you will need to take to reduce the problem. Usually, a combination of baiting and commercial insecticide sprays prove to be an effective approach to most ant problems. If you see ants or have any questions about ants, let us help you stop the problem. Call Prize Pest Control: We are open 24/7 Dallas Metro Call 214-447-0016.